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  1. Google North America Travel and Conference Grants: Bringing a Diversity of Perspectives to Tech Conferences

    At Google, we believe a diversity of attributes, experiences, and perspectives are needed to build tools that can change the world. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a career in computer science and technology, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability or military service. To help break down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups in computer science from attending leading tech conferences, we're excited to offer Google Travel and Conference Grants for selected conferences in Computer Science and related fields. Grants are available in North America for all traditionally underrepresented groups in technology (including, but not limited to, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, women and veterans) and in Europe for women in technology.

    Posted on 7/23/2014 6:36:55 AM

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  2. Males and females with autism show an extreme of the typical male mind

    The largest ever psychological study of sex differences in adults with autism has found that both males and females with autism on average show an extreme of the typical male mind, where systemising (the drive to look for underlying rules in a system) is stronger than empathising (the ability to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others and to respond to these with appropriate emotions).

    Posted on 7/17/2014 7:26:49 AM

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  3. Scientists Discover Genetic Link to Autism in New Study

    "We finally got a clear cut case of an autism specific gene," said Raphael Bernier, one of the researchers.

    Posted on 7/7/2014 6:27:08 AM

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  4. Dan Aykroyd discusses his Asperger's

    When Dan Aykroyd was a young boy, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s and Asperger’s. Nowadays, both are controllable and manageable, and he has been able to channel them creatively. In fact, he says that getting absorbed in things as a kid, like making faces in the mirror, may have directly fed his imagination.

    Posted on 7/2/2014 4:54:00 AM

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Autism Crossroads Webinar #1

There's a GREAT show coming up early next week!!


Monday, September 21st - 6-8P CDT at




Tune in Monday night as autism expert Dr. Ester Hess joins Craig Evans and Autism Crossroads co-author Chuck Leyda in discussing the first "intersections" of Autism Crossroads: Early Signs and Diagnosis and Treatments and Therapies.





Attitude expert Gayle Nobel will also stop by with some "attitude advice."







Past Webinars Now Available "On-demand."

If you weren't able to tune into the live show, you can now view past shows.  


Rachel Rosenman from ALUT

Israel is doing some amazing things with people on the spectrum.  And their programs (from treating the young to those needing group homes) are practical applications we could consider modeling.  

We WILL be talking with Director of Resources (and spokesperson) Rachel Rosenman for more advice in the future!  





Author Lindsey Biel talks about her book "Raising a Sensory Smart Child."

Lindsey Biel, a pediatric occupational therapist is a font of great ideas for kids with sensory issues! Parents, autism professionals and especially teachers, don't miss this discussion!  More on Lindsey's book "Raising a Sensory Smart Child" (Penguin Books) here.   





MANY more Webinars are in the works!  Stay tuned! 

Craig Evans - Founder

Autism Hangout
14585 Cameo Ave. W.
Rosemount, MN 55068
Phone: (952) 221-1800



Special Reports

New items (and fun) at the Autism Shop!

I stopped in to see Cheri Saltzman at the Autism Shop today. Wow! Was introduced to new, helpful, encouraging products everywhere! Among the most fun: Indoor swings, extra cuddly weighted blankets, fancy chewies and fidgets, "Sands Alive", Security Stickers (and wristbands) and more! Great products and encouragement to help us all thrive with autism! More at:

Posted on 5/2/2014 1:43:33 PM

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