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  1. Kids with autism and sensory processing disorders show differences in brain wiring

    "With more than 1 percent of children in the U.S. diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and reports of 5 to 16 percent of children having sensory processing difficulties, it's essential we define the neural underpinnings of these conditions, and identify the areas they overlap and where they are very distinct," said senior author Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD, a professor of radiology and biomedical imaging and bioengineering at UCSF.

    Posted on 7/31/2014 11:18:12 AM

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  2. Can qigong massage help kids with autism? Oregon study seeks families to help find out

    "The massage is able to diminish the tactile problems by as much as 30 percent in the first five months," Silva said, adding that she's seen a similar decrease in behavioral problems.

    Posted on 7/29/2014 8:51:04 AM

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  3. Colorado company finds success working with autism

    Seventeen of 25 Blue Star employees have a disability. Nine of them are on the autism spectrum.. They recycle 250,000 pounds of electronics a month. "In six years we've had no turnover, no absenteeism, no lost time accidents. And that's unheard of in any industry," Morris said.

    Posted on 7/28/2014 7:22:25 AM

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  4. Google North America Travel and Conference Grants: Bringing a Diversity of Perspectives to Tech Conferences

    At Google, we believe a diversity of attributes, experiences, and perspectives are needed to build tools that can change the world. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a career in computer science and technology, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability or military service. To help break down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups in computer science from attending leading tech conferences, we're excited to offer Google Travel and Conference Grants for selected conferences in Computer Science and related fields. Grants are available in North America for all traditionally underrepresented groups in technology (including, but not limited to, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, women and veterans) and in Europe for women in technology.

    Posted on 7/23/2014 6:36:55 AM

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Autism Hangout Turns Two: Next up... WEBINARS!


On July 4th, Autism Hangout celebrates its first birthday!  Thank you folks... for being a part of the Autism Hangout community. In the past year, based on your actions, you've clearly shown us that you've an intense interest in watching video reports on practical, applicable "how to thrive with autism" information.  So that's where we will focus our efforts in Year Two. But we're going to be using a new medium to help uncover and deliver these pearls of wisdom. We're going to be producing live, interactive Webinars. 


So What Do Webinars Mean to Me?

Let me describe them this way... "current, relevant, on-demand autism advice." 

We're going to be bringing together autism experts from around the globe to address and discuss the most common issues faced by parents, caregivers, teachers, professionals and community service people in dealing with our special kids. We'll be using the Autism Crossroads Map as a starting point. If you see something missing from that layout, please add it to the Discussion Forum thread so we can cover it. 

But with interactive Webinars you too are invited into the discussion! While we're filming, we're monitoring the live, on-screen feedback from you and others in the audience watching the show. If you have a question, ask it. If you have a comment, include it. We want to know what you think... and clearly, others living with the challenges of autism want to know as well.

Webinars are one more way we can start "archiving" what we know and share it with each other. Remember, the more we know, the greater our opportuniities to "thrive with autism."


What's New At Autism Hangout This Month:

There are lots of really fun parts to my job here at Autism Hangout. One of the best is watching the daily news to see "what's new" that can help us in this journey with autism.  I then hunt up the news makers and call 'em up for chat.  Here's a run down of what you might appreciate learning:


Allergy Free Restaurants! - An Autism Hangout Special Report

"Have you and your kids on the spectrum felt restricted from eating out because of food allergies? Well you're far from being alone. With the unexplained increases of significant food allergies in the general population, some of us need to be VERY careful what we put in our mouths. Well after an exciting eating experience at a national restaurant chain, I've got great news for those of us with food allergies!" Craig Evans reporting.


"It's All About Attitude MOMENTS." By Author Gayle Nobel

Autism Hangout is thrilled to bring you the first installment of Gayle Nobel's "It's All About Attitude" moments. Gayle has graciously agreed to share the wisdom of her book in an ongoing series of Autism Hangout monthy reports.

Welcome Gayle!!



"On His Own" - Dr. Emily Willingham reports on her son (TH) and his experiences with "Circle of Friends"

If you haven't yet heard of "Circle of Friends", check out Dr. Emily Wilingham's latest video report. TH, her son with Asperger's is a shining example of how this program can help integrate our special kids into their schools and peer circles... it might be something our kids can even outgrow (like TH)!


"22 Things A Woman Must Know If She Loves A Man With Asperger's Syndrome" - Rudy Simone Interview

In love, neurotypical human beings can be difficult. Loving a mate with Asperger's Syndrome presents another series of challenges... but also rewards. In this interview, author Rudy Simone gives both advice and hope.




An Interview with Dr. David Holmes-Mark Wirbel Reporting for Autism Hangout

Autism Hangout reporter Mark Wirbel attended the May '09 AutismOne conference and had the opportunity to interview Dr. David Holmes. Hear his thoughts (and more) on preparing high functioning kids on the spectrum for higher education.




What's Coming:

"Ask Dr. Tony" Returns.

Next week, Dr. Tony Attwood returns from his extensive travels in Europe to film another installment of the "Ask Dr. Tony" series. We've already got a full roster of questions for him to address, but I'll start a new thread in the Discussion Forum for the next show.






Meet Graham Streeter.

He's been making headlines before "Normal Folk", his film about autism has even been released! And Episode excerpts of his documentary "Return to Autism" has youtube a-buzz.

Modern-day truth-teller Graham Streeter of Imperative Pictures will be joining us for a candid conversation about autism and how he intends to help America understand what it's all about. 





The Hammer Residence.

I'm going on the road again to meet with the folks of Hammer Residence here in Minnepolis to learn about their success in group homes for people on the spectrum. Personally, I'm very excited about this one!




Thank you!!

And a very special THANK YOU to "Autism and Education Examiner" Kathleen Tehrani of for her coverage of Autism Hangout!




Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone.  See you 'round the Hangout!

Craig Evans
Autism Hangout

Autism Hangout
14585 Cameo Ave. W.
Rosemount, MN 55068
Phone: (952) 221-1800



Special Reports

New items (and fun) at the Autism Shop!

I stopped in to see Cheri Saltzman at the Autism Shop today. Wow! Was introduced to new, helpful, encouraging products everywhere! Among the most fun: Indoor swings, extra cuddly weighted blankets, fancy chewies and fidgets, "Sands Alive", Security Stickers (and wristbands) and more! Great products and encouragement to help us all thrive with autism! More at:

Posted on 5/2/2014 1:43:33 PM

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