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Occupation: Retired on SSDI

Gender: Male

Age: 56

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Created 3/30/2009
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A Question of Sanity...

Friday, September 10, 2010 @2:36:28 PM

It is interesting, that the daughter of Reverend Terry Jones, who 'left her Father's "Cult" has publicly come out & told people in the media, that her Father is "seriously" Mentally-Ill & needs "immediate treatment". I would have to agree with her "truthfull" statement of fact.

Nobody in their "right mind" would "hold the US government hostage", over planning (& possibly executing) to burn another religious faith's "precious" Holy Book.

Yesterday, Reverend Terry Jones had the US Secretary of Defense, "grovelling" to him "over the telephone", which should not have been.

The way it is, "Madness has no logic...But it may have a purpose..."

Pardon my pulling a quote from "Mr. Spock", expressed on the old Star Trek Episode, "The Alternative Factor". He was referring to the "Normal Universe" "Lazarus", who was clearly "Psychotic", who was trying to "break into" the "Alternate Antimatter Universe", & find & "exterminate" his "exact" Antimatter Duplicate, which if he were to "succeed", would have "destroyed the entire "Multiverse Cosmos" everywhere, for "all of eternity". 

But, it has never been mentioned, that in the City of Topeka, Kansas, Reverend Fred Phelps & his "Family Cult", the Westboro Baptist Church are "really" going to "go ahead" & "burn" copies of the Islamic Holy Koran" in their own "bonfire" inside their "Cult Compound" tomorrow evening, & are going to "upload" the video footage of the "burning" Holy Korans up onto YouTube.

All the attention of the government has been on "Seriously Mentally-Ill" Cult Pastor, "Reverend Terry Jones", while Reverend Fred Phelps & his Family Clan "Cult" "perform the act of extreme hatred against Islam".

This has to say the least, "gone under the RADAR"...

Anyway, I am doing ok.

Had a Skin Mole surgically excised from myy left shoulder yesterday afternoon by Dr. Egenolf. I also attended the monthly Bible Study, from the Asperger's person point of view yesterday evening.

Been a quiet day here @ home all day.



1 comment on “A Question of Sanity...”

cevans Says:
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 @11:22:55 AM

The less attention the media gives them, the better.

Glad your skin issue went well.

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