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Occupation: Autism Advocate

Gender: Male

Age: 51

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Created 1/1/2009
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Let’s Bottom line this discussion from a parent I am now awake at 2 AM because Tanner wants to use his bed as a trampoline. One more time for the new comers. Tanner spoke. His last complex sentence was “My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner” July 4th ten years ago. Move ahead six years to June 2008. His doctor had committed suicide. A defeat Autism Now Doctor looked us in the eyes and said in the exam room that he believed that environmental factors played a role in Tanners Autistic condition. After diet and supplement changes he spoke again for the first time the week before Father’s Day he said “Hi Daddy” . Is America the land of freedom, hope, love and opportunity. Nobody listens to the parents. We are not hysterical radicals. We want the world to be free of bad diseases and our children to be healthy. We want your children to be healthy. The establishment refuses to do the research we request. Has secret meetings. Rewrites their own studies. Gets stars to call us parasites. This is an epidemic that has been ignored by the medical community, education, insurance, Religion, politicians, and the Government. Support, therapies, and funding have been virtually nonexistent for these children. Come live at my house for a week, then give us your opinion. I would be satisfied with a chance to take my wife out to a dinner and movie. That has not happened in about 8 years now. Who are you going to trust??? The paid shills of the Pharma industry or Parents asking for unbiased studies for safer vaccines and environment. Until we all stand up united the almighty dollar will send someone in your family to never never land. In this case never watch a baseball game, never go to prom, never go to college, never get a job, never get married, never have a love life. Never never never.With tears, prayers and hope Tanner’s Dad.


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