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Posted - 11/27/2011 :  15:08:19  Reply with Quote

Hello Mr Attwood, My 9 year old son has aspergers and goes to a mainstream school. He is a bright boy. His teacher complains he talks in the line every day, despite being given clear instructions to be quiet, continues to do so instantly when the teachers back is turned - and is as frequently as 3-4 times in a 1-2 minute journey from the playground to class. This exasperates the teacher who says my son knows right from wrong, also he says you can't use aspergers as an excuse for this and that this is a separate issue. My son really only has one child he gets on with and he is quite obsessive about talking to him. I personally think he is being defiant to the teacher but can't help himself as I believe he is desperate to talk to the other boy or even to kids next to him in the line, although the teacher says my son goes to this other boy like a magnet.. Also when my son is told to pack up his belongings in class at the end of the day he leaves his desk to go over and talk to the other child instead of packing away despite knowing he shouldn't. The teacher says he has told the boys to stay away from each other as when they're together they don't listen to him and act silly. Apart from talking too much my son does all his work in class and isn't cheeky to the teacher. I would love it if you could give me some advice on how to improve this situation and is this related to his aspergers or is it a separate issue? My son has just recently been diagnosed and it's difficulty to know if everything he does is linked to being on the spectrum or only certain things. I would love to hear your answer as I have so much respect for your opinion. Thanks for reading, Tracy x

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