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Collapse This Category "Ask Dr. Tony!"  


New Posts Questions for Dr. Attwood RSS Feed

Dr. Tony Attwood will be reviewing questions posted here and address 4-5 of them during his monthly "Ask Dr. Tony" SKYPE interview with Craig Evans. He'd like to tackle common (widely found) issues affecting folks with autism that are generally not covered in his texts. You've got nothing to lose and possible insights to gain. Ask away! But PLEASE make your questions SHORT and CLEAR. If your explanations and commentary are too long, we won't be able to include them!!
279 634 08/20/2014
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Collapse This Category Autism Hangout Prepared Programs  


Old Posts Autism Hangout Ongoing FEATURE PROGRAMS RSS Feed

FEATURE PROGRAMS are a series of ongoing, continually updated, autism topics (i.e. New Therapies, New Medications, Insurance Issues, Respite Care Options, Moving Out). They are prepared by Autism Hangout Staff Reporters. We’ll keep on top of trends in the news as well as Autism Hangout’s Discussion Forums so you can quickly find the latest, current thinking on the topics and challenges that we face daily.
22 153 07/30/2014
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Old Posts Autism Hangout SPECIAL REPORTS RSS Feed

SPECIAL REPORTS are the stories beyond the headlines. They may cover news, events, items or issues. They are prepared by Autism Hangout Staff Reporters as well as the newsmakers themselves (i.e. guest columnists, researchers, dignitaries/notables and interested Autism Hangout members).
114 172 05/03/2014
by: Lili Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Autism Hangout WEBINARS! RSS Feed

This will be the thread to post your comments on any particular WEBINAR. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!!
7 13 10/10/2012
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Collapse This Category Autism Hangout EDUCATION  


Old Posts Autism Hangout EDUCATION RSS Feed

If you're looking for CURRENT NEWS and THOUGHT on autism, check out this section.
6 14 09/23/2013
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Collapse This Category Stories About Life With Autism  


Old Posts "It''s All About Attitude" - Author Gayle Nobel RSS Feed

Autism Hangout is thrilled to bring you author Gayle Noble and her "It's All About Attitude Moments."
5 7 06/14/2012
by: kaptainkritter1 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts L. Mae Wilkinson of Autism Is Not The Boss RSS Feed

Web blogger L. Mae Wilkinson contributes her series of helpful, thought-provoking commentaries on autism.
1 6 03/30/2010
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Old Posts "I'm on the Spectrum and I've something to say!" RSS Feed
Just like the title says, this thread is for people with autism. Got something to say? Air it! Got a story to share? Post it here. Oh, NT's are welcome, too!
17 47 06/02/2014
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New Posts Stories about life with autism RSS Feed
This category is for parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, medical professionals and others wanting to tell a story about their experiences with autism. Some may be happy, some sad, but all must be honest. We all know what life can be like with someone on the spectrum. Let's talk about it. PS - Stories of encouragement are especially welcome!
20 85 08/20/2014
by: Christophe Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Autism Crossroads RSS Feed

This section is to help guide parents through some of the major "crossroads" you may encounter on your journey with autism. It's nice to know you have options and choices all along the way!
8 17 04/02/2014
by: wtheresa52 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Teachers and Educators  


Old Posts Best practices, techniques and curriculum RSS Feed
If you're working with kids with autism, we already know you have a great deal of patience! This section is set up for the discussion and exchange of best practices, successful techniques or recommended curriculum. We all know NOTHING works for EVERYONE on the spectrum, but some things DO work better than others. Ideas welcome here!
12 20 11/03/2010
by: Innovativepiano Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category General Autism Topics  


Old Posts Allergies and Foods RSS Feed
Although the two often go hand-in-hand, this thread is for Q&A about identifying ALL allergies (including foods) as well as how to deal with them.
4 9 11/04/2010
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Old Posts Behaviors RSS Feed
If you’ve a behavior you wish to discuss, start a thread in this section. It is highly likely someone else has seen it before… and may have some suggestions for you.
16 42 05/01/2014
by: Lili Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Care Providers RSS Feed
Respite care is available. Do you know how to go about getting it? Or do you have some suggestions for where to find it in your area? It’s critical that you take care of yourself. If everyone pitches in here, it will be possible for us all to find good help, nearby.
8 16 04/18/2011
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Old Posts Diagnosis RSS Feed
This discussion thread addresses the latest in diagnostic information (as well as links). It is also for those just learning of their children’s diagnosis of autism.
14 35 05/21/2014
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Old Posts Education RSS Feed
Keep ‘em at home? Mainstream? Special Ed? This thread is for exchange of information on what’s working and what isn’t. Talk about your experiences.
21 46 01/20/2014
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Old Posts Medications RSS Feed
As with therapies and treatments, promising new meds are constantly appearing. This thread is for discussion of new and old medications and how they’re working for your situation.
9 27 04/08/2014
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Old Posts Relationships RSS Feed
Keeping your Marriage together – We all know the divorce statistics for families with autism (it’s over 80%). This forum should be VERY active on HOW to keep your marriage intact. But there's another area that can also be included: “My Spouse is an Aspie.” If you didn’t know that going into your marriage, you’re probably not surprised at the diagnosis. This thread is for discussions and insights on loved ones living successfully with autism.
17 46 05/03/2014
by: Lili Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Sensory Issues RSS Feed
Children and adults with autism may experience all sorts of sensory challenges. This discussion section is for help in identifying just what might be triggering the reaction, and how to avoid “sensory overload” in the future.
6 14 12/24/2013
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Old Posts Sibling Forum RSS Feed
Got something going with a brother or sister you want to talk about? Here's the place for others just like you.
1 1 03/05/2012
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Old Posts Therapies and Treatments RSS Feed
New, promising treatments and therapies appear daily! If you learn of something new, post it here. This is also the place to post stories about good or a bad experience with current therapies and treatments as well. We all benefit from knowing what works and what doesn’t.
13 21 08/12/2014
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Old Posts Other Autism Related Topics RSS Feed
This thread is for autism topics that don’t fit into any of the categories listed above.
39 89 06/21/2014
by: Phobos001 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Non-Autism Related Topics  


Old Posts Other! RSS Feed
Got something to post that isn't related to autism or this site? That’s fine! Take a break and talk about something else. As long as it isn’t objectionable, post it here. Note: Religious and political topics are not allowed.
22 64 05/22/2014
by: royinpink Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Surveys  


Old Posts Surveys RSS Feed
We are an Autism Community! We have a voice! Whether it’s to tell the media about our presence or to convince a sponsor/advertiser that we need products/services that address OUR unique needs, there are enough folks here to affect positive change! When surveys are offered, don’t be afraid to voice your opinions!
19 29 08/06/2014
by: michelleuws Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category The "Farmer's Market"- Advertiser/Sponsor Messages  


Old Posts A word from (and for) our sponsors... RSS Feed
Welcome to the Farmer's Market where we "buy/support local... those closest to our needs."

This section if for Advertiser/Sponsor Messages – These concerned folks are here to HELP us, not just SELL to us. If our Autism Community is having success with a particular product or service, we should be telling each other about it. If we need something new, or different from a typical-needs offering, we need to be telling our sponsors about it. This is the place to do all of that.
3 12 06/15/2011
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Collapse This Category Autism Hangout Web Site  


Old Posts Improvements and Suggestions RSS Feed
Got an idea for ways to improve Autism Hangout? Post it here.
13 30 05/10/2014
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Old Posts Talk With Our (AH) Reporters RSS Feed
Got an idea for a Feature Program or a Special Report? Talk to the fine folks working as Autism Hangout reporters (they even have their MYPage homepages!).
1 2 07/18/2010
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Old Posts Web Site Problems, Help RSS Feed
If Autism Hangout web site isn’t working right for you, let us know in this thread (we need to fix it). Also, if you can't figure out some feature of the site, ask about it here.
2 8 05/01/2014
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